Our Dishes

The AshkenAsian Signature

Matzah Ball Dumplings

Handmade matzah meal wrapper with seasoned veggie filling | Pareve | contains: eggs

Matzah Ball Dumplings

Small Plates

Cucumber Salad

Cucumbers mixed with homemade spiced chili oil | Vegan, Pareve | contains: sesame, soy

Hot & Sour Potatoes

Organic potatoes pickled with organic rice vinegar and sautéed with long red chili peppers | Vegan, Pareve |

Eggplant Salad

Steamed eggplants with cilantro in a tingling garlic sauce | Vegan, Pareve | contains: sesame

Main Plates

Thai Red Curry w/ Rice

Organic spicy Thai red curry | Pareve | contains: coconut, fish sauce

Khao Soi w/ Noodles

Sweet & tangy Chiang Mai curry and soup dish with noodles and veggies |Vegan, Pareve| contains: coconut, soy

Three Cup Chicken

Organic chicken thighs in a tingly sesame, soy sauce, & lychee wine marinade |Meat| contains: soy, sesame

Xinjiang Cumin Lamb

Grass fed lamb cooked with chilies and cumin in the traditional Xinjiang style |Meat| contains: soy

Chinese Sweet Pulled Beef

Sweet & tingly French roast pulled beef with ginger & scallions |Meat| contains: soy


Mango & Sticky Rice

Sticky rice served with warm, sweet organic coconut sauce & organic fresh mango |Vegan, Pareve| contains: coconut, mango

Black Sesame Balls in Ginger Soup 

Sweet black sesame filled rice balls in a sweet & spicy ginger soup |Vegan, Pareve| contains: sesame